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About Us

» History

Kinmen was subordinate to Tongan county, Fuchien province in the past and created to be a county and controlled independently in 1915. At that time legal matters were handled by the county magistrate, and the judiciary and administration was mixed together. In 1919, a juded was made, who was in charge of local pre-trials and prosecutions. After anti-Japanese war getting success in 1945, the county judiciary division was created and were handled by the judge assigned by Fuchien Superior court. In March 1956, the division was built into the Fuchien Kinmen District Court, handing civil and criminal cases. A Jincheng Summary Court was set on July 1991. The Lianjiang court under the control of Kinmen District Court was transformed as Fuchien Lianjiang District Court on Dec.31, 2003. The businesses were moved to Lianjiang District Court.

The two-storey building located in front of the court was built in Dec. 1963, shaping itself as a character of “Dian”. Because of the increased personnel, a five-storey building with a floor underground was started to build on July 1, 1991 and was completed and put into service on Jan.11, 1993.

Fukien Kinmen District Court

The front is the old two-storey building and the behind is the new office building built in 1993

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